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According to data from the Gaikindo, domestic car sales last year reached 1.079 million units, up just 1.6% from 2016. For this year, automakers predicted a more positive outlook. During the first quarter of the year, Mitsubishi sold 55,316 units, a significant increase from the 25,919 units it sold during the same period last year, […]

The purpose of the regulation is to add more sources of short-term financing in the financial market, increase the effectiveness of BI’s transmission of monetary policies and aid financial market deepening. As the regulation stipulates, eligible non-bank corporations who wish to issue commercial papers must have an unqualified opinion in their audit and must not […]

In its latest quarterly report, the World Bank said that the average economic growth of Indonesia in the period of 2018 – 2020 is projected to reach 5.3%, higher than the 5.1% achieved in 2017. This growth is still likely to increase with a number of improvements, because Indonesia’s economic growth potential is reach 5.6%. […]

Indonesian ride-hailing and online payment company Go-Jek is set to announce its first expansion to another country in SE Asia in the “next few weeks”. Go-Jek also plans to expand to three other SE Asian countries by the middle of this year, the email quoting Go-Jek chief executive Nadiem Makarim said. The industry’s first big […]

The government plans to draft an omnibus bill — a single bill aimed at amending several laws — as part of an effort to speed up the business licensing process. Coordinating Economic Minister Darmin Nasution said on Wednesday the omnibus bill was needed to amend at least 11 laws related to the issuing of licenses. Currently, the […]

Global tech giants including Facebook and Twitter expressed concerns about a possible Singapore government plan to bring in a new law to tackle the threat of fake news, saying sufficient rules are already in place. Officials of Facebook, Twitter and Google attended a parliamentary hearing on how to counter the threat that Singapore said it […]

Singapore retained its top position as the city with the highest quality of living in Asia for expatriates according to an annual Mercer index. Globally, Singapore ranked 25th, after cities like Vienna – that topped the list for the 9th year running – and Amsterdam, which was ranked 12th in the Mercer Quality of Living […]

The global credit rating agency, Fitch, expects Bank Indonesia to maintain its policy rate unchanged at 4.25% for the 7-day reverse repo until the remainder of the year. In the same report, Fitch also expects Indonesia’s GDP growth to improve to 5.3% and inflation to rise to 4.2% in 2018. Note that inflation was at […]

Indonesia is heaven for social media platform providers and for those who wish to earn from their virtual connections. In 2017, the country recorded 143.3m internet users, a 7.9% increase from the year before. About 90% of users needed the internet for chatting, 87% to access social media, 75% to use search engines, 73% to […]