13Feb 2015

Lawyers of antigraft deputy Bambang Widjojanto said the perjury allegations against their client should be heard by an ethics tribunal of the Indonesian bar association instead of the National Police, arguing that the case is closely linked to Bambang’s role as a lawyer.

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13Feb 2015

Jakarta. The Indonesian Badminton Association, or PBSI, is tweaking its policies on sponsorship contracts for athletes and coaching staff in a bid to ensure that shuttlers make better progress and reap more rewards. Under the regime, in place for two years, the PBSI tailored its contracts to each individual, matching them to an outside sponsor. […]

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12Feb 2015

During the past two weeks, a team of drug policy researchers based in Jakarta has been investigating these pertinent questions, and what they have discovered is that President Joko Widodo’s so-called “statistics” are merely a set of wildly inaccurate speculations, built around a hopelessly flawed methodology.

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