The government plans to draft an omnibus bill — a single bill aimed at amending several laws — as part of an effort to speed up the business licensing process. Coordinating Economic Minister Darmin Nasution said on Wednesday the omnibus bill was needed to amend at least 11 laws related to the issuing of licenses. Currently, the existing laws require license applicants to finish one license before moving to the next, while the government wants to process several licenses simultaneously. “To get a building permit (IMB), investors need to make an environmental impact analysis (Amdal) and to make Amdal they need to make a detailed spatial plan (RDTL),” he said in Jakarta during a meeting between representatives of the central government and regional heads — regents and mayors from across the country. “Now, we want investors to start construction only with RDTL as long as they pledge to arrange Amdal and IMB documents within one year.” Through the conventional way, it needed to amend at least 11 laws so that the government could significantly speed up the licensing process, but the process could be simplified by drafting one omnibus bill, Darmin added. He said President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo would talk to House of Representatives leaders to discuss the omnibus bill. Darmin added that to prepare the bill, the central government needed to issue a government regulation to freeze a number of ministerial regulations related to licensing issuance and bylaws that were derived from the related laws.